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CSV Load for Icom IC-91AD

Icom’s RS91 Software does not make it easy to load pre-existing frequency and settings into your IC-91AD. This article gives step-by-step instructions for using the D-STARCOM program by AE7Q to modify an Icom .icf file with comma seperated values (CSV) to load the information.  This process works for additional radios such as the IC-2820H, check the D-STARCOM program for supported radios.

If you need a good load of frequencies, etc. and you are in the Western US or Canada, try (added 28 Dec 2008)


  • IC-91AD with a fully charged battery
  • Programming Cable attached to the computer
  • Icom’s RS-91 Software Installed
  • D-Starcom Utility Installed – Here

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Plug the cable into the IC91AD
  2. Start the RS91 Software
  3. Wait for Data Reading icon to change from red to black (3rd Icon from left below menu bar).
  4. Select “File”, then “Save As” (Pick a file name, such as “default.icf”) to save your current configuration — after navigating to the directory where you unzipped DSTARCOM.
  5. From Windows, Select “START”, “RUN” –> type “cmd” to get a command line window.
  6. In the command line window “cd” to the directory where you unzipped DSTARCOM.
  7. Give the command “dir” and you should see the icf file (default.icf) Type “dstarcom.exe default.icf > default.csv”
  8. You can open the “default.csv” and edit it with Excel or your favorite text editor. Excel or another spreadsheet program makes it easier to see what you are doing, but be sure you save it back as a csv and not as another format. (Use the README.HTML as a guide – you must include a tuning step, I’ve found.)
  9. Save the file.
  10. Now type in the command line “dstarcom.exe default.icf new.icf < default.csv” (This creates a new load file based on the old “default” one, that includes all of your settings plus the memory changes and additions you put in the CSV file)
  11. Go back to the rs91 software and select “File” –> “Open” and choose the “new.icf”
  12. Allow the RS91 program to load your memories (it will ask if you want to save the old before loading the new, probably not necessary since you already saved it) — Let the icon change from red to black.
  13. Your IC91AD will reset, you can also make any other changes you want in the RS91AD fields (and re-save the new.icf).
  14. Now your new memories should be loaded and ready to go.


  1. Thanks for that tip…worked great thanks.

  2. great tip worked great.

  3. What version of RS91 will work? I only have version 1.1 and the import/export/print features don’t work properly with this version..

    • Hi Anna,

      The RS-91 software doesn’t have import/export capability which is why this posting describes using an external program to read/write .icf files that you open in the RS91 program.

      There are newer options, you might want to look at CHIRP at as an alternative.

      — John

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