The name of the application is “STARnet Digital” (not StarNet, StarNet Digital, or other variations)

Tools, webpages, etc. should follow this branding.  When shortened it is STARnet.

Client stations are STARnet Subscribers or STARnet Users.
Servers are STARnet Digital Group Servers or when shortened they are called a STARnet Server
A network of STARnet Subscribers are called a STARnet Group
A station subscribes to a group, they do not “link”
If a STARnet Group is connected to a DEXTRA (or other) reflector, it is called a STARnet Group Bridge (or bridging)

We should talk in these terms to avoid confusion with “linking” systems like DPLUS or DEXTRA.  It will help the user community start to differentiate between the technologies.  We do not want STARnet Digital to be seen as a linking technology, it is a callsign routed system where each transmission is individually routed with individual clients able to subscribe to multiple groups and individual repeaters able to multiplex multiple groups for different users.