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Icom G2 Gateway + ircDDB plugin or ircDDBGateway

Adding the ircDDB plug-in to Icom G2 will not remove any functionality. Here’s what it adds:

  1. Realtime updates of the ip address of gateways
  2. Realtime reporting of the last transmission of stations on ircDDB connected gateways (great for debugging routing questions)
  3. Ability to callsign route to/from non-Icom (G2) gateways (that support ircDDB – as of today, 688 gateways reporting to ircDDB vs 271 which only have G2).
  4. Access to STARnet Digital  — see videos
  5. Realtime status and map presentation.

The Icom G2 package has two major portions:

  1. Registration of Users for the US Trust
  2. Less than realtime updates of gateway IP and user location.  (ircDDB addresses this)
If you obtained your Icom repeater on the Icom club special, you will probably have to run G2 for a year.  If not, or after a year, you might want to consider installing the ircDDBGateway.

Installation of the ircDDBGateway (see Files/Documentation in the Yahoo! Forum), allows you to:

  •  Keep the registration side of the G2 package
  • Turn off the IP and user location function of the G2 package (using ircDDB updates exclusively)
  • Turn off DSM (which allows monitoring and modification of your system by USTrust Admin)


  • You will not be able to callsign route to/from gateways that haven’t added ircDDB. (Linking is still available)


  • Continue DPLUS linking (though it is handled in the gateway and you turn off the separate DPLUS package)
    • Only traffic meant to go to the link is relayed, callsign routed traffic is not sent to the link as it is in your current system
  • Add DExtra Linking system ( for more information)
  • Add DCS reflectors ( for more information)
  • Add CCS ( for more information)
  • Add D-RATS from command station through repeater
  • Replace position reporting system
  • Use of DTMF to Link/Unlink (all linking systems)
  • Create split site / voting receiver, secondary transmitter configurations to extend coverage into a regional repeater.
  • Open source and active development
  • Can operate with a combination Icom Controller, GMSK modems, Soundcard, etc.
  • Simplex or Repeater


  1. Manos SV1IW

    John the above procedure is not working any more. The step”yum -y install ircddbconfig” is producing an error saying:
    Setting up Install Process
    No package ircddbconfig available.
    Nothing to do

    Do you know where are updated information for this? I rebuilt a gateway from scratch and can’t get the ircddb connectivity.

    Regards Manos SV1IW

  2. Hi John, I’m running dstar with a dvrptr-v1 from a raspberry pi with a repeater, and have another raspberry pi running with a dvmega pi adapter. These are both running with G4KLX images. I am extremely interested in figuring out how to run a split site /voting receiver at another location for my home based, low level repeater. Love to get more coverage area. How can you set that up with dstar and ircddb?


    • Hi Walter,

      This is supported. Look for splitrepeater in the distribution. There is supporting documentation. You basically put a shim (splitrepeater) between your repeater and your remote receiver and ircddbgateway.


  3. Wow! I just downloaded the instructions! Just what I need. Thanks!

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