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Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio. A growing form of amateur radio using digital voice and data communications.

Yaesu Fusion Repeater on D-STAR

The latest setup information is at I am working on a project over at NW Digital Radio called the Universal Digital Radio Controller or UDRC. The initial purpose of the UDRC is to allow one to…

Introduced new DV3000 for Raspberry Pi at Dayton Hamvention

My friends and I at NW Digital Radio have been working on an AMBE card to plug into the UDRX-440 Universal Digital Radio. In the process of reviewing the design we determined there…

Icom G2 Gateway + ircDDB plugin or ircDDBGateway

Adding the ircDDB plug-in to Icom G2 will not remove any functionality.

Gateways for D-STAR

A short and incomplete history The first gateway system and network was Icom V1 (Version 1) Only supports routed networking, e.g. directed traffic to individual station or repeater. Requires registration of gateways and…

Raspberry Pi as a D-STAR Controller

I received a Raspberry Pi and was able to install my ARM version of ircDDBGateway and GMSKRepeater and now the $35 computer is running a D-STAR gateway! More on this later… but here’s…

Hamvention® 2012 and Introduction of UDR56K

I attended Hamvention® in Dayton, OH again this year. This brings my visit total to around a dozen times, always travelling from the western half of the US. Hamvention® is a gathering of…

Is AMBE/D-STAR the only way?

Every few months, the various D-STAR forums have someone come on and say that AMBE was a bad choice for D-STAR and that it should be replaced by CODEC2 or some other open source…

A video for ircDDBGateway (pre-STARnet)


STARnet Digital Branding and Terms

    The name of the application is “STARnet Digital” (not StarNet, StarNet Digital, or other variations) Tools, webpages, etc. should follow this branding.  When shortened it is STARnet. Client stations are STARnet…

CommAcademy 2011 Talk

I was a presenter at the CommAcademy in Seattle yesterday.  Here are the slides for my talk. K7VE-CommAcademy-2011-Presentation

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