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Hamvention® 2012 and Introduction of UDR56K

I attended Hamvention® in Dayton, OH again this year. This brings my visit total to around a dozen times, always travelling from the western half of the US. Hamvention® is a gathering of…

D-STAR Callsign Addressing and Linking Overview

D-STAR, the protocol, has no notion of linking, reflectors, etc. It was designed to be “stateless”, meaning every transmission is complete in itself and has no inherent relationship to any other transmission.

Is AMBE/D-STAR the only way?

Every few months, the various D-STAR forums have someone come on and say that AMBE was a bad choice for D-STAR and that it should be replaced by CODEC2 or some other open source…

New STARnet Digital Forum

I don’t like creating yet another forum for D-STAR, but since STARnet Digital is new there are a lot of questions, and so a forum was setup for those interested:  

Stella and Maggie 2011

I love being Grandpa to these sweet little girls.

A video for ircDDBGateway (pre-STARnet)


STARnet Digital Branding and Terms

    The name of the application is “STARnet Digital” (not StarNet, StarNet Digital, or other variations) Tools, webpages, etc. should follow this branding.  When shortened it is STARnet. Client stations are STARnet…

CommAcademy 2011 Talk

I was a presenter at the CommAcademy in Seattle yesterday.  Here are the slides for my talk. K7VE-CommAcademy-2011-Presentation

STARnet Digital News

There is a new Internet Only version of STARnet Digital Server

STARnet Digital

Press Release: 3 April 2011 Contact: STARnet Digital is a new application for use with D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) that builds upon Smart Technology for Amateur Radio, creating dynamic…