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Puget Sound D-STAR

Radio Operations

Frequency Notes
Primary D-STAR 2 Meter Simplex Frequency
145.6700 De Facto National Frequency
Bellevue – Lake Washington Ham Club
146.4125+ 1.0 mHz. K7LWH C
443.0650+ 5.0 mHz. K7LWH B
1290.0000- 20 mHz. K7LWH A
1247.0000 K7LWH A – 128K Digital Data
Edmonds (Meadowdale) – Northwest Digital Radio Club
444.725+ 5.0 mHz. NW7DR B – D-STAR ircddbgateway/Fusion Digital with WIRES-X/Analog (PL 123.0)
224.560- 1.6 mHz. NW7DR A – D-STAR ircddbgateway/Analog (123.0) — On test to Dummy Load. Will move to high location in Spring.
146.4625+ 1.0 mHz. NW7DR C – D-STAR ircddbgateway
Federal Way – Federal Way Amateur Radio Club
146.8400- WA7FW C
443.8500+ WA7FW B
1290.1000- WA7FW A
Lookout Mtn. (North Sound)
Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Amateur Auxillary
146.70- WC7SO C
440.475+ WC7SO B
145.75 D-RATS Gateway (Bellingham) also on


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  1. John,

    I received a new ID-51 last week and I’m very excited to get going with D_STAR. I’ve read everything I can find (I have “Nifty E_Z Guide to D-STAR Operation”) but I can’t seem to make the radio work. I’m registered on K7LWH, have set up MY CALL and everything else I can learn about. Is there someone who would be able to give me some one-to-one help? The radio works in VFO mode, so I’m pretty sure I just haven’t set things up correctly.

    Letcher Ross

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