A public beta for a new image is available for anonymous ftp from starbuck.hays.org — it makes setting up a Yaesu DR-1X or Bridgecom repeater using a web browser, very quick and easy.

Unzip the image file and use the directions  from the Raspberry Pi Site to create a SD Card (4GB or larger)

Insert the card into a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, with a UDRC installed and boot up.

Login using ssh (or keyboard and monitor). If using ssh you will need to find
the IP address, usually this can be found under DHCP leases on your router. On MacOS or Linux, you may find it at compass.local

Username: pi
Password: compass1

(Be sure to change the password for security – use the passwd command)

Inspect the filesystem and see if it expanded to fill your SD card, (use the
df command), if not then use

sudo raspi-config
select Advanced Options
select Expand Filesystem

After a reboot, the filesystem should now be expanded.

Once its booted up, point a modern browser at http://<IP ADDR>:8073 or http://compass.local:8073

If the interface doesn’t come up (give it a minute) then from the command line

sudo systemctl start dstarconfig

The login for the configuration tool is:


(Be sure to change the password in the ‘User Account’ page for security)


20170405-web-udrc.img does not have a GUI, and thus VNC is not installed. It
is intended for Web configuration and there is a dashboard for monitoring its

Here is the landing page —
If you have a repeater attached, select the Repeater Tab

To setup the repeater, select the “Radio Type” then press the “Modem Level” button, to setup the UDRC levels. (If the button to load the modem hangs, the scripts are in /opt/nwdr/scripts where you can execute them directly.)
Input the repeater callsign plus the Module ID and submit.

Bridgecom users — adjust “Transmit Hang Time (seconds) [Misnamed] to 180

Similarly, for the gateway, put in the gateway callsign (matches repeater callsign), without a module ID (the ‘G’ is not input).
Press the “Guess Location” button, and edit the returned Lat/Lon and Location
Putting in this information will pre-fill URLs, and logins.  (If you want to use ircDDB.net, you will need to add the password)
Enable services,  DPlus requires a US Trust registered USER CALLSIGN to operate.
Submit.  If you want the latest http://ar-dns.net gateway and reflector lists, press the Update Hosts button.

Use the Commands tab, to start and stop services — you can reboot the system, and you can enable UPNP port forwarding if your router supports it.

Questions? Submit at NW Digital Radio’s UDRC Support Group